Teresa Ann Perner


Teresa Ann Perner has a thirty-three year background in the IT industry, making her start by teaching classes to businesses as they made the transition from paper and typewriters to desktop personal computers. After ten years of teaching, she broadened her scope by joining the programming staff of another local business. As technology advanced, she added to her knowledge and, with an exceptional team of programmers, helped take the business to the web by developing applications for the company’s intranet and then the internet. 

Her passion for fiction and her imagination took root while she was in elementary school, where her teacher often caught her daydreaming. Although she kept her stories to herself until late 1990, her desire to share these stories grew and she started drafting Gone the Dreams. With the help and encouragement of family, friends and acquaintances, she edited and polished this dark drama into an intense, suspense-filled novel that many have stated they “just couldn’t put it down”. Teresa works full-time in web development and spends her free time enjoying her family and writing her ‘dreams’.