Gone the Dreams

When Al Stevens, reluctantly returns to his home town, where many years earlier a tragedy devastated numerous lives, he is pressed to confront his past, which brings to an end the life he now knows.
Al is sentenced to a life that won’t allow him to forget about the past. He struggles with the consequences of an adolescent decision that haunt him every day. Taxed with the burden of speaking to today’s youth, he recounts his tragedy to the next generation, with the hope of reaching a few adolescents, so that they won’t repeat his mistake. But at the end of his talk in his home town, he is confronted directly by a victim of his earlier life. He is forced realize the far-reaching fallout of his careless disregard for others. He is tormented in more than one way by those who suffer because of him. Al struggles to keep his present life as he knows it, from being stolen by the haunting memories of his life before. Eventually, he is forced to come to terms with the facts and accept responsibility for his actions.

PriceĀ  $ 10.00
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