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Find out why people are calling this... ...the best weekend novel to date... ...a well-written drama... ...intense... ...suspenseful... ...surprising...


Gone the Dreams definitely brought back the memories of what happened in "our town". I often think about it and this book depicts what could have been the scenario at that time. With so much meaning and connection to that past event, I found it difficult to put down this book. Very meaningful and the message is clear. Thanks Teresa! - Karen Miller May 2017

I finished it in just 2 days, my kids are so impressed--it's been a while since I've been that hooked! Teresa,  your book "Gone the Dreams" was a great story and I surely did not see that ending coming! Of course, I was picturing this area as I read which really made it more vivid. Anyway, what an accomplishment with all of those story lines! Thanks!
- Lisa Servais -  January 2014

Just finished your book. i liked it and will gladly write a blurb. you have a few phrases in your book i love...descriptions, etc. and this would be a book for high schoolers to read...parents to buy and leave for their teens to read. -
Kay Rutherford - author

I just finished your book and really enjoyed it. I was so surprised to find out at the end that ...  ! You really had Al leading a tormented life.  I’ll look forward to reading your next book. - Tami Gross - December 2013

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Recent reader reviews of Gone the Dreams...

" It is very well written . The fictitious book has many plot twists and keeps you reading . I read the book in 2 nights and it was very hard to put down. When a novel is this good, it's hard to stop reading. I would highly recommend you read it , I thoroughly enjoyed it." -- Jeff Kostuch

"Loved character development and the ending was amazing. Can't wait for the second book." - Doug Clements

"This book will keep you guessing until the very end. Just when you think you have this well-written novel figured out, it leads you down a different path. There are so many twists and turns going on in this book, you won't be able to put it down." - Jerry Schomers

"Very good book. The story moves along at a good pace. Good details without giving too much information. I am more of a western fan, but this one I couldn't put down." - Jeremy Klinski

"Make sure you leave yourself enough time to read the entire novel, because you won't be able to put it down. This well-written drama will keep you guessing until the very end. This book will keep you awake and excited to read the next chapter. It's definitely not a bedtime story. It's a weekend novel." - Tina Schomers




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